Man from the mist

Greetings to all of you seekers and searchers out there , and welcome. This website is here for everybody and anybody who has an interest in mindfulness , nowism and meditation . These 3 topics are what this website is all about.

For those of you who are new to these subjects that’s ok , in fact it may be a huge advantage to you because it really is a very simple subject ,there is nothing complicated about it at all ,but unfortunately that is why people find it so difficult to understand .

The 3 main topics mentioned above are in fact all the same thing , when you meditate you become mindful  and when you become mindful you are in the here and now and when you’re in the  here and now you’ve cracked it , and that’s it , that’s all there is to it , thank you and good night

Need a little bit more..

Fair enough, like I said before , it’s because it’s so simple that it is so difficult to understand .

Like many people , for many generations , I have been a seeker and a searcher for most if not all of my life ,  always looking for the answer ,always finding more questions , what’s it all about ?

Now I have found an answer to my questions , my search has ended , now there is only practice , and it lasts forever. There is only 1 guide to see if it’s working or not and that guide is ,how happy you are.

Sometime in March 2011 I had a very special moment in my life ,to give you a very quick history , at that time I was living on the dole in my home town of South Shields , I had just been declared bankrupt and had lost everything I owned for the 3rd time in my life , not the best situation to find yourself in I think you’ll agree , but it’s a good thing I’ve always been a positive thinker isn’t it ?

Usually that would work for me but not this time , this time I really was in trouble, I had nothing , absolute zero , nowt . I couldn’t see a way out , and mentally things were getting very serious , panic attacks from out of nowhere , for no reason , I could feel them coming on , fear like I have never known just taking hold of me and not letting go until I had passed out , I really was in the pig pen at this point

One night ,while sitting on my back stairs having a smoke and reading Eckhart Tolle ‘ The Power of Now” I had my special moment or as I prefer to call it a moment of clarity , it’s hard to go on writing this without sounding like a complete twat ,but that moment has never left me and it’s been 7 years since that day , so now the time has come to share that answer to my questions with others and see if it can be of benefit to anybody else.

The answer is simple and it’s no secret.

The answer is

“I am not my thoughts”

I have become the observer of my thoughts and that changes everything , I see them for what they are , and they aren’t me, and that is all I need to know to take the power away from them , if you’re not controlling your thoughts , then they are controlling you and that is the difference between  being conscious and being unconscious in this lifetime.

I must thank Eckhart Tolle now for the moment I received while reading his book ‘The Power of Now’ . His words made it possible for me to understand how simple it truly is, if you have not read this book then I recommend you buy it today , after all it gave me what I needed , at the time I needed it most, so you can’t say fairer than that.

It is because of Eckhart Tolle and great teachers like him that I have set this website up ,if I can in anyway point you in the right direction along the nowist path , then it will have been worthwhile.

If in your daily life you’re suffering from depression ,stress ,anxiety ,or any other problems associated with self talk , or the Monkey Mind then I believe I can help you , that is the reason this site exists , I suffered for years thinking the way  I  did ,then when I understood the fact that I could become the observer, the watcher , the guardian of my mind , the suffering stopped, and it is this understanding I wish to share.

To all of you reading this I say ‘ you are not your thoughts’  I know this sounds very strange , but if any of you out there are experiencing woes or troubles of any kind ,I guarantee the constant thinking of the egoist mind won’t be far behind  the pain and suffering and the best way to combat these negative thoughts is through meditation.

Always the answer is the same ,meditation works , and that’s all there is to it.

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Love and peace : The Man from the Mist x